ICPV Trustees meet face-to-face at least twice a year for formal meetings, at other times business is dealt with by email.


Current minutes can be downloaded below and if you have any questions please contact the Chair – Adrienne Morgan
or Secretary - Mairead MacKenzie

Latest Trustee Meeting Minutes
Minutes 24th May 2016.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [242.6 KB]

Maggie Wilcox

Maggie was a Health Visitor but for the last 10 years before early retirement, she worked as a CNS in Palliative Care – mostly as Nurse Director of a community team providing 24hr cover but also as hospital based Macmillan Nurse.
Maggie was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1997 and treated with surgery and radiotherapy. This was followed by a mastectomy a year later due to post-radiotherapy problems and ten years of endocrine therapy. No further treatment and, so far, so good.
During five years as a lay member of the NCRI Breast Clinical Study Group, Maggie's involvement became more specific to cancer research and the ethical use of data and tissue. Her interest in Biobanking started before her cancer diagnosis and has been developed by her advocacy experience.
Maggie has worked with Breast Cancer Campaign Tissue Bank and is now a member of the executive board of the Confederation of Cancer Biobanks and the Stakeholder & Fee Group for the Human Tissue Authority (HTA)

Adrienne Morgan 

Adrienne was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 and secondary breast cancer in 2010.
Adrienne is a PhD medical research scientist and worked for 20 years in academia and industry. After breast cancer she worked in the cancer charity sector, spending three years as the staff scientist at Children with Leukaemia, and then a year as the secretariat for Cancer52 – an umbrella organisation that represents the less common cancers.
She worked as a patient advocate with Breakthrough and Breast Cancer Campaign following her diagnosis and now with the new merged charity Breast Cancer Now. She has been involved with Breast Cancer Now's Cell and Tissue Bank since its inception and is a valued member of the Barts Cell Research Team. She is a lay member of several Clinical Trial Management and Working Groups and a familiar independent patient voice in Q and A sessions at cancer research conferences.

Mairead MacKenzie

Mairead was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002. She had chemotherapy, followed by a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction, radiotherapy and endocrine therapy. Since her treatment Mairead has developed mild lymphoedema which is now under control and capsular contraction in her reconstruction which has resulted in the need for further surgery. This has prompted Mairead to feel strongly about the issues and potential problems patients face with the long term effects of cancer treatment.
Mairead has been a member of ICPV since 2009 and currently sits on a number of trial management groups. She is a member of the Breast Cancer Campaign Tissue Access Committee, lay member of the steering group for the UK Therapeutic Cancer Network (UKTCPN-ECMC) and until recently sat on the Breast Cancer Care Research Partnership and the London Cancer Alliance Breast Pathway Group.
Mairead is a retired information scientist and enjoys gardening, needlework, reading, walking and travelling.

Chris Finch
Chris is a carer to his wife, who has advanced breast cancer. By training he is a chartered accountant, and for many years worked as finance director for charities, including, for nearly twenty years, the Biochemical Society.

Carolyn Morris
Carolyn's first diagnosis of cancer in 1999 prompted early retirement, from her work as Director of Sussex University's Career Development Unit - though in truth that was more to do with the side effects of Tamoxifen than with the cancer itself.
Her involvements in cancer were initially through the UK Breast Cancer Coalition, a patient led advocacy group, many of whose members later went on to become founder members of ICPV, and in the then Sussex Cancer Network. Increasingly involved in research, she is a Trustee of ICPV, sits on Research for Patient Benefit SE Coast Committee, leads NCRN's work on the research questions in the National Cancer Patient Experience Survey and is a member of NCRI's Psychosocial Oncology & Survivorship Clinical Studies Group. She is a member of a number of trial steering groups in Psychosocial & Palliative Care and the radiotherapy trial FASTForward. She is now on a Phase 2 trial to treat 3rd recurrence, diagnosed earlier in 2014.
A link with her earlier roles as a counsellor and careers psychologist is her work on a number of evaluations of user involvement and advocacy –interviewing & report writing for, inter alia, Macmillan Cancer Support, the UK Clinical Research Collaboration, and a user –led study looking at the personal impact on advocates of our involvement.

Pat Fairbrother

Following a diagnosis of breast cancer several years ago Pat became involved in patient advocacy. Working in healthcare, which included a contract as patient involvement facilitator, gave her a unique insight into the need for patients to be involved at the heart of planning services. Pat developed an interest in research after working at a regional and national level with breast cancer charities, and local cancer services. She joined ICPV as a virtual member whilst living in New Zealand where she carried on with voluntary work with national cancer organisations. Since coming back to the UK Pat has become involved in several research projects through ICPV alongside voluntary work in cancer services regionally and nationally. Pat believes research needs the patients' unique perspective and is absolutely essential in order to make the research work.

Elspeth Banks

Before she retired in 2011 Elspeth was headteacher of Strathaven Academy in South Lanarkshire, Scotland.
Following a diagnosis of malignant melanoma in 1996 Elspeth had recurrences in 2002 and 2004. During this period she had extensive surgery and participated in an EORTC clinical trial from 2002-2004. 
She was a founder member of the West of Scotland Melanoma Support Group in 2003. With the group she has lobbied on various issues linked to malignant melanoma such as unmanned tanning salons and access by under 16s, public awareness and health education. 
In 2011 she was invited to join research groups at the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre and since then has been an active consumer member of the Clinical Trials Executive Committee, the In-house Trials Advisory Board and as the independent member of the Umbrella Trials Steering Group. In October 2013 she joined the NCRI Psychosocial Oncology & Survivorship Clinical Studies Group, its Lifestyle and Behaviour subgroup and the NIHR Consumer Forum.
Elspeth is increasingly involved as a co-applicant and/or a member of steering groups/trial management groups/PPI Advisory Groups in respect of a number of clinical trials and intervention studies across the broad range of tumour types and responds to many requests for guidance and advice in reviewing protocols, funding applications and patient information.
She is active in organizing and encouraging patient and public involvement in research activities.
As a member of ICPV, Elspeth is delighted to have benefited from participation in its Summer School, the excellent VOICE course offered in conjunction with Barts Cancer Institute and the many rewards of membership of this hardworking patient advocate community.

Tom Haswell



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VOICE 2016

A snapsot video of the the 2016 course is now available on YouTube VOICE2016

eCancer Videos

At the BACR/ECMC conference in July Maggie Wilcox and Mairead Mackenzie were persuaded to speak to the camera. Maggie gave a background to ICPV and our aims and objectives. While Mairead focused on her specific interests and activities. To view follow the links below.

Maggie Wilcox

Mairead MacKenzie

July 2016 Conferences

ICPV members were busy this week with two conferences. The BACR/ECMC Joint Meeting on Therapeutic Interventions for Cancer Prevention was held in Bristol July18-19. The UK Breast Cancer Research Symposium was held in London from July 22-23. Click here for more information.

UK Therapeutic Cancer Prevention Network (UKTCPN)

An update from this new group was presented to the ECMC Annual Network Meeting in May 2016. Click here to download and read. 

Voice 2016

The ICPV Science for Advocates Course will be hosted by Warwick CTU from 19th - 23rd September. See the VOICE pages for more information.

The Voice, Winter 2015-2016

The latest ICPV newsletter is now available. It has reviews of members activities, meeting attended and papers published. Go to the ICPV Publications page to download.


Call for immediate change to European Paediatric Medicine Regulation to save more lives of children and teens with cancer.
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NCRI Conference 2015, Liverpool

ICPV members will be joining cancer researchers from 1-4 Nov, 2015. Click here for more information.

ICPV Summer School 2015

Qualitative Research Training Course at Warwick. Click here for a review of the session.

NCIN, Belfast, June 2015

Several ICPV members attended and spoke at this years conference. Click here for more.

AACR Conference, Philadelphia, April 2015

ICPV Member Pat Fairbrother joined US advocates at this year's conference. Read her review of the event here.

Cancer Drugs Fund

Today (19 Jan 2015) The Telegraph has published a letter from ICPV & fourteen other charities on the current CDF situation. Go to our Facebook or Twitter page for Telelgraph weblink or click below for the letter.

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